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The Texas Demographic Conference is an annual meeting providing updates of demographic and socioeconomic data available for Texas Demographers, Economists, Planners, Marketers, State and Local Governments, Diverse Businesses, Media, Consultants, and Data Center Affiliate Agencies.

Join us if you are interested in keeping appraised of current demographic and socioeconomic data for the state of Texas.

What to Expect at the Conference:

Primarily held in Austin or San Antonio, Texas
Annual Conference (typically May-June)
2 Days: First day offers workshops and training, second day focuses on Updates, Presentations, and Current Issues
  • Specialists from the Denver Regional Offices of the Census Bureau provide information concerning ongoing census activities, training in data access and use, a review of data released since our last meeting and new data products to be available in the next year.
  • The State Demographer will provide an update on demographic changes in the state and discuss new data available from the Texas Demographic Center.
  • Keynote speaker: To address a topic of interest (Challenges to the state, changes occurring in Texas, specific topical areas such as Health, Education, Resources, etc.)
  • Presentations by other state agencies, researchers and professionals
  • Discussions and Networking - create contacts with other professionals in Texas

Participants include:

Agencies & Organizations

  • State and Local Government Offices
  • City and Regional Planning Agencies
  • Private consultants
  • GIS Professionals
  • State Data Center Affiliate Agencies (SDCs)
  • Council of Government Offices
  • Texas University academic and research units
  • Business and Industry Data Center Affiliate Agencies (BIDCs)
  • Census Information Centers (CICs)

Professionals in

  • Health
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Workforce/Labor
  • Education
  • Economics & Commerce
  • Business Development