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Census 2010 - Texas Summary File 2 Data

Summary File 2 (SF 2) contains the data compiled from the questions asked of all people and about every housing unit. SF 2 includes population characteristics, such as sex, age, average household size, household type, and relationship to householder such as nonrelative or child. The file includes housing characteristics, such as tenure (whether a housing unit is owner-occupied or renter-occupied), age of householder, and household size for occupied housing units. Selected aggregates and medians also are provided. The layout of the tables in SF 2 is similar to those in SF 1. These data are presented in 47 population tables (identified with a "PCT") and 14 housing tables (identified with an "HCT") shown down to the census tract level; and 10 population tables (identified with a "PCO") shown down to the county level, for a total of 71 tables. Each table is iterated for 331 population groups: the total population, 75 race categories, 114 American Indian and Alaska Native categories (reflecting 60 tribal groupings), 47 Asian categories (reflecting 24 Asian groups), 43 Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander categories (reflecting 22 Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander groups) and 51 Hispanic/ not Hispanic groups. The presentation of SF 2 tables for any of the 331 population groups is subject to a population threshold of 100 or more people. That is, if there are fewer than 100 people in a specific population group in a specific geographic area, their population and housing characteristics data are not available for that geographic area in SF 2.

Data Downloads

Summary File 2 tables are presented in two formats to download: original data provided by the Census Bureau for Texas. Comma-delimited (CSV) files for each of the Texas Counties and Summary Levels coming soon

Raw Census Files

All files for the State of Texas to the census tract level. Data for Texas in a single .zip file. All of the Texas Summary File 2 data in a single .zip file with documentation.

Documentation & Reference Information

  • Technical Documentation
    Technical documentation for Summary File 2 data provides the data dictionary, table matrices, and geographic summary levels necessary for utilizing the data files provided in the previous section.