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Texas Population Estimates and Projections Program Overview

The Texas Population Estimates and Projections Program was established in the mid-1980s to meet a growing demand for population estimates for places and counties and for estimates and projections for counties that had age, sex and race/ethnicity detail.

The Programs' Overall Objectives

Users of the Estimates and Projections

Estimates and projections of the programs are used by more than 500 entities per year. Some of the public agency users include:

  • Governor's Office (for numerous purposes)
  • Legislative Budget Board (for budget planning)
  • Legislative Council (for redistricting planning)
  • Comptroller's Office (as a basis for their estimates for regions)
  • Texas Department of Transportation (for facility, route and highway construction planning)
  • Texas National Guard (to guide their recruiting efforts and estimate future manpower needs)
  • Texas Department of State Health Services (to increase accuracy of their service projections)
  • Texas Economic Development Council
  • Numerous other state agencies and public organizations
  • Numerous County Judges and Other local officials (for redistricting and other purposes)

The Programs