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Texas Population Estimates Data Tool

2017 Population Estimates Tool

We are currently working on updating the Population Estimates Tool to add the 2017 estimates. It will be available for use shortly.


Instructions & Information

  • Methodology: Please carefully review the entire methodology prior to using the data.
  • Area Selection: To make multiple selections within an area hold down the <CTRL> key.
  • Grouping: Separate will display one row per area selected. Summated will display one row with selected areas summated.
  • Age Criteria: Valid ages are from 0 to 85 where 85 signifies all people 85 and above. You can also define age groups (eg. 5-10,11-15,20-22,45,51), which will be aggregated.
State Level
State Level Data : Include data for entire state? 
County & County Based Regions
Area Type
Estimation Years
Ages (Aggregated)
Race / Ethnicity*
* NH = Non-Hispanic