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2018 Texas Population Projections Data Tool

2018 Population Projections Release Update

Following the release of our 2018 population projections, we observed anomalies in the projections of the non-Hispanic Asian and non-Hispanic Other populations in a few counties. We have revised our projections to address this issue. The new updates do not affect the non-Hispanic White, non-Hispanic Black, or the Hispanic populations and have a minimal impact on the state total population.

Both the downloadable data and the online projections tool have been revised to reflect these updates. If you downloaded our population projections prior to *July 18, 2019*, please make sure to re-download the data and use our updated projections.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact the Texas Demographic Center with any questions. Thank you!


Instructions & Information

  • Methodology: Please carefully review the entire methodology prior to using the data.
  • Area Selection: To make multiple selections within an area hold down the <CTRL> key.
  • Grouping: Separate will display one row per area selected. Aggregate will display one row with selected areas aggregated.
  • Year Criteria: Each year will be listed separately. You can also list years (eg. 2010-2020,2025,2030-2035)
  • Age Criteria: Valid ages are from 0 to 95 where 95 signifies all people 95 and above. You can also define age groups (eg. 5-10,11-15,20-22,45,51), which will be aggregated.
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