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2020 Post-Census Group Quarters Review

  • What is the 2020 Post-Census Group Quarters Review (PCGQR) Operation?

    The 2020 Post-Census Group Quarters Review (PCGQR) is a new, one-time operation for governmental units to request a review of their population counts of group quarters as of April 1, 2020. The PCGQR was created in response to public feedback received on the Census Bureau’s Count Question Resolution (CQR)operation about counting group quarters’ populations during the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • What is a Group Quarters?

    A group quarters is a place where people live or stay, in a group living arrangement, owned or managed by an entity or organization providing housing and/or services for the residents. These services may include custodial or medical care as well as other types of assistance, and residency is commonly restricted to those receiving these services. This is not a typical household-type living arrangement. People living in group quarters are usually not related to each other. Group quarters include such places as college/university student housing, residential treatment centers, nursing/skilled-nursing facilities, group homes, correctional facilities, and workers’ group living quarters, and job corps centers. The Census Bureau provides a overview of eligible group quarters types.
  • What is the timeline to submit a PCGQR request?

    The U.S. Census Bureau started accepting PCGQR cases June 6, 2022. The deadline for submitting a case is June 30, 2023. Results will be provided on a rolling basis through September 30, 2023 and to the highest elected or appointed official of all affected governments.
  • Who can submit a PCGQR request?

    2020 PCGQR cases can only be submitted by the highest elected or appointed officials (or their representative) of federally recognized American Indian tribes, states, counties, incorporated places, actively functioning minor civil divisions.
  • How do governmental units submit a PCGQR request?

    Participants are encouraged to submit PCGQR cases digitally using the Secure Web Incoming Module (SWIM). Governmental units should utilize the 2020 PCGQR Participant Guide for instructions on how to successfully submit a PCGQR request.
  • Can the 2020 PCGQR change the redistricting data, apportionment results, or other 2020 Census data products?

    No, any PCGQR updates will not impact the apportionment counts or the number of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, redistricting data, or any other 2020 Census data products. However, the updates will be provided to the Population Estimates Program for incorporation into the next population base and updates will be reflected in the population estimates developed from this base. The population estimates developed from the updated population base will also be used by the American Community Survey as survey controls so population totals from the survey conform to the updated population estimates.
  • Where can I get additional information about the 2020 PCGQR Operation?

    Governmental units can obtain information in the following ways: