Lloyd Potter
Texas State Demographer

Black History Month 2024

We celebrate Black History Month in February. In the past 50 years, Texas saw significant growth in its African American population, accounting for over a quarter of the national growth between 2010-2020. Texas is home to the largest Black population among all U.S. states.

Texas Black Population Numeric Growth and Its Share of U.S. Population Change, 1970-2020

Column graph showing Black population growth in Texas.

Source: IPUMS NHGIS, University of Minnesota, NHGIS Time Series Tables.

Note: The data displayed includes Black or African American alone.

Educational attainment among Blacks in Texas has improved significantly over the past several decades. The increase of African Americans earning a Bachelor’s degree or higher has further advanced their professional contributions in their communities and throughout the state.

Educational Attainment for Black Population 25 Years and Older in Texas, 1970-2022

Column graph showing educational attainment of Texas population over 25.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Decennial Census of Population, 1970 to 2000. American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates, 2010 and 2022.

Note: Data displayed for Black population is Black or African American Alone.

Between 2022 and 2023, people moved within Texas or from elsewhere to Texas primarily for housing reasons. Among major race/ethnic groups, NH Blacks were most likely to move for housing-related reasons, whereas NH Whites were more likely to move for job or family-related reasons.

Why Texans Move, 2022-2023

Graph showing why Texans move.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) Supplement (March 2023).

Note: Statistics shown for 2023 Texas residents who lived in a different location within the state, outside the state, or outside of the country in 2022; Only selected race/ethnicities shown.

Black-owned businesses contribute significantly to the overall economy in Texas.  A majority (97%) are non-employer businesses that collectively contribute $10 million in sales and revenue annually. Approximately 50% are concentrated in three major business sectors.

African American Businesses in Texas, 2022

Data about African American businesses in Texas.

Source:National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics within the National Science Foundation and U.S. Census Bureau. "Nonemployer Statistics by Demographics series (NES-D): Statistics for Employer and Nonemployer Firms by Industry, Sex, Ethnicity, Race, and Veteran Status for the U.S., States, and Metro Areas: 2020."

Note: Data includes all ethnicities of Black/African American population.